SMU has attached great significance and made constant efforts to the development of external communications and cooperation. It has built friendly relations with more than 60 overseas colleges and universities What’s more, SMU also developed substantive cooperation relations with world-famous foreign companies such as NORDEN of Denmark, NYK of Japan, American Foremost Shipping Group.


SMU has jointly run cooperative education programs with many prestigious overseas universities, such as a joint MBA program with Maastricht School of Management of Netherlands since 1995, a joint MSC Program on International Transport & Logistics with World Maritime University since 2006. SMU has also kept close cooperative relations with organizations such as International Maritime Organization (IMO), Baltic International Maritime Conference (BIMCO), and International Fund Organization for Compensation for Oil Pollution Damage.


In recent years, SMU has hosted, organized or co-organized international conferences, such as the First China-France Symposium on Modern Computer Technology and Navigation Safety, the China-Japan academy exchange on navigation technology, the Fifth International Conference on Maritime Law, the 12th IMLA conference, the First Lloyd's Register Asia-Pacific Region Surveyors Training in China.



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