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SMU launched its graduate education in 1979. SMU is among China’s first batch of higher education institutions authorized by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee to confer master’s degrees. In 1986 the Graduate School was founded and designated to administer and recommend candidates for master’s and PhD degrees.
By August, 2013, the Graduate School had conferred master’s degrees in six disciplines and PhD degree in one discipline, and run 4 first-level-discipline doctoral programs, 14 second-level-discipline doctoral programs,16first-level-discipline master’s degree programs, forty-four second-level-discipline master’s degree programs and four professional master’s degree programs including Master of Engineering, Master of Business Administration, Juris Master and Master of Translation and Interpretation.
The Graduate School makes great efforts to streamline its functions and is responsive to the needs of the students and faculty. It flexibly responds to the country’s changing trends in graduate education. Also, it seeks substantial new funding for graduate students, promotes innovations and assists the various colleges and departments in their recruiting, supervising, training and issuing awards to graduate students.
The Graduate School has developed close ties with other higher education institutes and enterprises at home and abroad. For example, it has cooperated with some top-notch national shipping enterprises, established university-enterprise joint educational bases, which serve as platforms for learning and practice in profession-oriented postgraduate education, and facilitated academic exchanges of postgraduates and supervisors with the outside world
Address: Graduate School, Taishan Science and Research Building, 1550, Hai Gang Avenue, New Harbor City, Shanghai, 201306, China         
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