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Yu Shicheng, Professor.
Secretary of the Party Committee of Shanghai Maritime University .
Cai Cunqiang, Professor.
Vice Present of Shanghai Maritime University.
Jiang Zhengxiong, Professor.
Dean of Shanghai Maritime University School of Law .
Hu Zhengliang, Professor.
Listed arbitrator of CMAC, Chairman of Chinese maritime law association and maritime law professional committee .
Professor Hu is specializing in charter party, bill of lading, sea-damage accident (including collision, marine pollution, personal injury, and salvage), ship mortgage, ship building and transaction, multimodal transport and logistics, port operations, shipping investment, shipping policy, maritime litigation and arbitration.
Wang Guohua, Professor.
Assistant Dean of SMU School of Law, Supervisor of postgraduate
specialising in Maritime Law, Private International Law and Maritime Private International Law.
Zou Yingyin, Professor.
Research Fields:  Maritime Law, Maritime Competition Law and Shipping Policy.
Yang Zhaonan, Professor.
Professor Yang is mainly engaged in teaching the following courses: Maritime Law, Admiralty Law and Marine Insurance.
Yao Hongxiu, Professor.
Professor Yao is long engaged in teaching and academic research in Maritime Law. He is specialising in Bill of Lading Act and Charter Contract Law, with extensive legal practical experience and proficient English.
Yin Dongnian , Professor.
Professor, currently engaged in Maritime Law and Ocean Transportation Business.
Xu Guoping , Professor.
Research Fields: Marine Insurance and Marine Pollution Act.
Sheng Qiuming , Professor.
Research Fields: Mainly engaged in teaching and academic research in Civil Business Law and International Law .
Yujun Sheng , Professor.
Research Fields: International Business Law, International Trade Law and International Finance Law.
Kang Rui , Professor.
engaged in teaching and scientific research in Economic Law and Business Law.
Cao Yanchun, Professor.

Research Fields: Civil Law (specifically in Tort Law), Labor and Social Security Law, specializing in cross-over study of Tort Law and Labor Law.


Liu Wenbai,Professor.
He is mainly engaged in teaching and researching the aspect of geotechnical & structural engineering and he carry out many researches including Special soil engineering properties、foundation engineering、geotechnical and structural engineering of marine and port.
Wu Xianghao, professor.
He is engaged in researching water conservancy engineering、reliability assessment of structural safety theory of port and offshore engineering and its repair and reinforcement technology. The main research directions are included with theory and its application of the dam safety monitoring; Structural Durability Assessment of Port and marine Engineering; environmentally friendly high-performance marine concrete.
Ding Yongsheng, professor.
He is mainly engaged in researching marine environmental science.
Geng Anchao, professor .

He has been engaged in teaching、researching、managing in the filed of environmental science and engineering for a long time and he, for many years, hold the post as department chairman and the director of the provincial key laboratory. He direct more than 10 postgraduates and dedicate himself to many researched including marine environmental assessment、emergency treatment capability assessment of marine oil spill、application of membrane technology and development of wastewater reuse process ,ect.


Han Hao,Professor.
The research fields are Planning, Design and Control of Transportation System, Transportation Engineering, Collecting & Distributing System Engineering in Port.
Hou Ronghua ,Professor.
Engaged in teaching and researching on technical and economic feasibility analysis of transportation construction project. He offers more than 10 courses about Engineering Economics, Project Decision-making and Feasibility Study, Transportation Enterprise Management and so on.
Li Yuwei ,Professor.
Professor Li specializes in Intelligent Transportation Systems (including Public Transit and Urban Traffic Management) and Logistics.
Liu Hong ,Professor.
Major areas of research include Ships and Shipping Technology, Shipping and Supply Chain Management and Simulation, Shipping Safety, Port Management and Simulation and so on. Many research projects have been done including the national, provincial and enterprise projects as a responsible person or participant.
Liu Wei ,Professor.
The research fields: Management Science and Engineering of Transportation, Logistics Service and Supply Chain, Technology, Economy and Feasibility Analysis of Transportation and Logistics Project.
Ma Shuo ,Professor.
The major research fields are Maritime Economics, International Logistics and Shipping & Port. He scores achievements in Maritime Economics and Port Management. He is responsible for the MSc. Programme in Shipping and Port Management. Since 2001, he has also held the position of Vice President of SMU.
Sha Mei ,Professor.
The main research fields are Port Management & Simulation, Shipping Management and Logistics Management and so on.
Shi Xin ,Professor.
Dean of College of Transport & Communications of SMU
Wang Xuefeng ,Professor.
Department Head of Shipping Management of SMU, Arbitrator of China Maritime Arbitration Commission (Logistics), Arbitrator of Shanghai Arbitration Commission, Headman of Specialties Committee of Cargo Handling Personnel Qualification and Certification System of Ministry of Transport (Vocational Evaluation Center), Experts Panel of China International Freight Forwarders Association
Yang Zhigang, Professor.
Teaching assignments include Practices and Regulations of International Shipping, Practice and Regulations of International Freight Forwarders, Practices and Regulations of International Logistics, Practices and Regulations of International Container Terminal, Management of International Container Transport, Practices and Regulations of International Multimodal Transport.
Zhao Gang ,Professor.
Engaged in teaching and scientific research in International Shipping Management, Logistics Management, Computer Application and other fields.
Professor Qu Linchi
Head of School of Economics and Management
Honorary professor of the Dutch Maastricht School of Management
Research Field: Shipping Economy and Logistics, Economic Theory and Policy of Shipping Industry, Marine Economy
Professor Yu Siqin
Dean of the Graduate School of SMU
Research Field: Transportation Statistics, Economic Analysis and Forecast
Professor Zhang Lijuan
Deputy Director of Science and Technology of SMU
Research Field: Transportation Economics, International Shipping Economics and Logistics
Professor Luo Wenping
    Research Field: Supply Chain Management, Third-Part Logistics, Port and Shipping Logistics
Professor Li Xuying
Research Field: Transportation Sample Survey, Economic Analysis and Forecast
Professor Pan Guoling
Research Field: International Finance
Professor Zhang Chuan
Research Field: Management Accounting, Financial Accounting, Logistics Accounting and Government Accounting
Professor Zhou Xizhao
 Vice-President of School of Economics and Management
Research Field: Transportation Planning and Management, Management Science and Engineering
Professor Wang Chuanxu
 Director of Shanghai Innovation Research Base for Social Sciences (research direction: construction of Shanghai Shipping Center )
Research Field: Port and Shipping Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management
Professor Song Bingliang
Research Field: Economic Theory of Port and Logistics, Business Management
Professor Sun Yuqin
Research Field: The Regional Tourism Development and Planning, Tourism Economics and Market, Tourism Education
Professor Zheng Yuxiang
Research Field: Enterprise Management Strategy, Cross-Culture Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource and Organizational Management
Professor Qu Qunzhen
Research Field: Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavioral Sciences, Labor Economics
Professor Zhang Jing
Research Field: Tourism Management



Professor Huang Youfang
Professor Huang is the academic leader of Logistics Management and Engineering, which is one of Shanghai key disciplines, and won many awards, including National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, Shanghai Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. He also won some honorary titles, covering “the Outstanding Contributing Logistics Expert Award ” in 2006 and “the Outstanding Contribution Characters of China Logistics Reform and Opening up” in 2008.
Professor Lin Guolong
Professor Lin, an expert of international logistics, bonded logistics and supply chain management, took direct charge of many national and provincial scientific research projects and consulting projects of businesses. He also is consultant of many logistics, manufacturing and trading enterprises.
Professor Ding Yizhong
Research Field: Supply Chain and Logistics Management, Ports and Navigation System Optimization and Simulation
Professor Le Meilong
Vice-President of Academy of Science
Research Field: Ports, Navigation and Logistics System Planning and Management, Transportation System Optimization and Simulation
Professor Shao Jungang
Research Field: Project Evaluation Theory and Method, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Shipping Policy and Management, Engineering Management
Professor Shou Jianmin
    Engaged in research on logistics management and planning, shipping policy and management, evaluation and management of transportation economy, Professor Shou is has important impact on shipping industry in China. He published dozens of professional works, accomplished 16 national and provincial research projects and won a provincial award and prize of port technology of China.
Professor Cao Zhongxi
    Professor Cao is vice chairman of China’s Port Association, expert of port and shipping planning and management, logistics planning and management and master’s professor of technology economics and management.
Professor Gu Wei
 Vice dean of Science Academy, professor Gu also takes charge of key laboratory of the Ministry of Communications of navigation technology and control engineering and owns special government allowance. He is also a member of ship electric council of China Electrotechnical Society, Shanghai Society of Naval Architects, IEEE Oceans. Professor Gu won the second and third Prize of Shanghai for Progress in Science and Technology twice, the third National Prize for Safe Production Technology Achievement and the third Prize for Navigation Technology Prize of China.
 Professor Zhu Jianxin
    Professor Zhu is a doctoral supervisor, a member of automation committee of China Shipbuilding Association. He won the second Prize of Shanghai for Progress in Science and Technology once and the third Prize twice.
Professor Chen Huaili
    Researching in directions of ERP, APS and Logistics Informatization, Professor Chen is engaged in research projects of modern management methods and industrial application of advanced information technology.



Cai Cunqiang , Professor .
Vice President of SMU, Maritime Law Consultant Expert of Shanghai High Court, doctoral tutor of Transportation Engineering discipline (Delivery Means Utilization Engineering).
Jin Yongxing , Professor .
Vice President of SMU, he hosts and participates in more than 20 research projects authorized by province and enterprises. He is awarded Provincial Science and Technology Prize. He is mainly engaged in researches such as Ship Safety Operation and Management, Navigation Environment Safety Evaluation Technology, Ship Structure Features and Operation Quality.
Kong Fancun ,Professor.
Vice President of SMU, he hosts and participates in more than 10 research projects such as Simulation System of Ship Collision Based on Navigation Records, Technical Research on Automatic Identification System (AIS), Research on China’s Maritime Education Legislation, Research on China’s Maritime Education Development, Research on Air and Sea Three-dimensional Search and Rescue System
Shi Chaojian ,Professor .
His research fields mainly include Navigation Simulation, Ship Intelligence and Computer Graphics and so on.
Xiao Yingjie , Professor .
Vice dean of Merchant Marine College of SMU, director of Marine Science Institute of Shanghai Maritime University and director of the Engineering Research Center of Simulation Technology of the Ministry of Education. The main research directions are Delivery Means Utilization Engineering, Transportation Information Engineering & Control, Safety Evaluation on Navigation Environment, Contingency Plan, Analysis of Channel, River-crossing Cable, River-crossing Pipeline and Anchorage Ground. He hosts and participates in research projects: Innovation Action Plan of Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Project Design, Evaluation and Optimization of Ship Routing System, Scientific Research Innovation Project of Shanghai Education Committee Applied Research of Large Ship Mooring Force Measurement Technology, Shanghai Natural Science Fund Projects and Shanghai Science and Technology Commission Projects
Han Houde , Professor .
The main research fields are Marine Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Marine Refrigeration and Transport, Vacuum Refrigeration Technology and Application. He gained Shanghai Science Progress Award, Shanghai Excellent Teacher Award, Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Contest Award, China Navigation Technology Award, National University Press Excellent Double-effect Award and National Patents.
Hu Yihuai , Professor .
Chen Baozhong ,Professor .
The main research directions are Modern Marine Engineering Management, Safety of Ship Management and Marine Engineering Energy-saving Technologies.
Fang Quangen ,Professor.
Main direction of teaching and research includes Marine Technology, Research & Simulation on Structure, Feature and Quality of Delivery Means, Maritime Education & Training.
Qiu Wenchang , Professor.
Engaged in teaching and research in shipping transportation. He hosts and completes research projects: Container Ship Stowage Planning System, Securing Validity Check System of Marine Cargo, Research on Mathematical Model of Calculating the Effect on Containership Flexible Securing System, Experimental Instrument Development for Dangerous Cargo, etc.
Zhan Yulong , Professor.
The main research fields are Modern Marine Management, Equipment Fault Diagnosis & Forecast, Marine Simulation Technology, Marine & Port Environmental Protection and Maritime Education Research and so on.
Zhang Qiurong ,Professor.
His professional fields include Maritime Analysis and Processing, Maritime Management and Marine Environment Protection, etc. His research area focuses on Ship Collision Prevention, Ship Maneuvering and Marine Environment Protection.
Hu Qinyou , Professor.
In recent five years, he presides over 4 provincial-level projects, 2 international-level cooperation projects, 3 bureau-level projects and 1 university-level project. And he completes more than 30 enterprise-level projects. The total research budget is nearly 2 million RMB with more than 40 papers published, of which 8 is included in EI and ISTP, and 12 patents applied, of which 5 has been authorized.
Zhang Xuelai ,Professor.
He is engaged in teaching and researching in Marine engineering and Refrigeration & Cryogenic Engineering for many years. At present he is presiding over Preparation and Performance Research on Air Conditioning Composite Phase-change Thermal Storage Material, and Shanghai Municipal Education Commission Project Experimental Research on Binary Ice Preparation by Vacuum Method.
Jiang Guohe , Professor.
The research fields are Ship Power Mechanical Vibration Impulsive Noise Control, Database Development of Ship Power Plant Design, Marine Power Plant Simulation and Fault Diagnosis Technology Research.



Mao Liqun ,Professor.
Dean of Shanghai Maritime University School of Foreign Languages
Area of Interests: Applied Linguistics, English-Chinese Translation Theory and Practice
Professor Mao has so far published 19 research papers in domestic and international academic journals, as well as 22 works, translation works, dictionaries and textbooks. He has hosted and participated in nine of the national and provincial longitudinal research projects and four of the horizontal projects. Professor Mao has also been taking charge of developing two of the SMU Key Courses and High-quality Courses, one of the SMU Teaching Reform Project, and one project (English) in Shanghai Municipal “Education Highland Construction” program.
Mao Fenglin,Professor.
Area of Interest: Japanese Applied Linguistics and Japanese-Chinese Contrastive Study  
Professor Fenglin Mao had been studying in the Literature Department at Chiba University of Japan from April 1987 to October 1991 on a government sponsorship. He was assigned by the Ministry of Education China Scholarship Council to visit Chiba University of Japan as a government dispatch researcher from October 2005 to October 2006.
Liu Guohui ,Professor.
mainly engaged in theoretical linguistics study Professor Liu has published 60 research papers on well-known academic journals, such as “Foreign Language Teaching and Research” and “Foreign Languages”.   He has won a number of academic prizes, including six provincial prizes of “Outstanding Achievement of Scientific Research”, 4 provincial scientific research projects as well as a GE Prize and a Guanghua Prize while studying his Ph. D at Fudan University.
Email: mack_ghliu@163.com
Wu Jianguo, Professor.    
Area of Interest: English Linguistics and Literature, English-Chinese Translation Theory and Practice, International Business.
Song Zhiping, Professor.
Area of Interest: English-Chinese Contrastive Study and Translation Teaching Theory
Email: zpsong@shmtu.edu.cn
Zhang Zhiguo, Professor.
Shanghai Maritime University School of Foreign Languages Director of Foreign Policy and Language Strategic Planning, Supervisor of postgraduate on English Linguistics and Literature, Part-time researcher of Nanjing University Chinese Language Strategic Research Center.
Education Background: Bachelor Degree -- Nanchang University,Master Degree – Shanghai Normal University,Ph. D. – Huadong Normal University,Visiting Scholar – National Foreign Language Research Center, University of Maryland, USA
Zheng Linxin, Professor.
Area of Interest: Linguistics, Language and Culture Study, English-Chinese Dictionary Compilation Research
Rong Xinfang,Professor.
Area of Interest: British and American Literature and Western Culture
Weng Fengxiang,Professor.
Director of Business English Program
Area of Interest: Translatology and Business English
Cai Yongliang, Professor.
currently engaged in teaching Advanced English and Social Linguistics courses
Area of Interests: Language Planning and Policy and American Culture
Mu Congjun, Professor.
Area of Interest: Second Language writing, Comparative Rhetoric Studies, Meta-discourse, and Applied Linguistics
One of Professor Mu’s well-known works is “Second Language Writing Strategies”, which was published in 2007 in Australia, and was collected by the following institutions: Australia National Library, Australia Catholic Library, Queensland University of Technology Library and University of South Queensland Library.
Email: cjmu@shmtu.edu.cn
Yan Zhang,Professor.
Area of Interest: Functional Linguistics, Text Linguistics and Comparative Rhetoric
Email: yanzhang@shmtu.edu.cn



Research fields: Research on Modeling and New Algorithm in Transport Planning & Management, Symmetry and Application Research on Wu’s Method and PDEs, Intelligent Algorithm.
Xu Zhaoliang, Professor.
Engaged in teaching and researching in Numerical Algebra and Numerical Calculation, more than 30 articles published.
Bao Rixin, Professor.
Presiding over a number of research projects, 6 works and more than 70 articles published.
Cheng Zude, Professor.
Xu Jianhua, Professor.
Main research fields: Theory and Application of Differential Equation. The research contents involve Stability, Commensurability and Vibration of Differential Equation, Complexity Method in Biological and Economic System, Ship Motion and Control.
Liu Zeyu, Professor.
Main research fields: Basic Theory of Marxism, Party Building and Enterprise Culture
He Ping,Professor.
Director of Xu Beihong Fine Arts School Research Center
Wu Guixiang,Professor.
Executive Vice President of Xu Beihong Fine Arts School
Zhang Xiaohong,Professor.
Main research fields are Algebras, Theory of Fuzzy Mathematics and Rough Sets, Uncertainty Mathematics with Applications in Intelligent Information Processing and Decision Making.
Professor Dong Dashan
Professor Dong is dedicated in teaching and scientific research on metal structure design and steel structure failure analysis. He took the charge of many provincial research projects, including more than 40 projects on port machinery design, test, technical improvement and consult, which won great social benefits and economic benefits.
Professor Dong Lihua
As Vice Dean of College of Ocean and Material, Professor Dong has been dedicated in teaching and scientific research on AMT (Advanced Manufacturing Technology) and Logistics Engineering. She participated in and took the charge of NSFC, Postdoctoral Foundation of China and Foundation for Returned Overseas of the Ministry of Education. Professor Dong published more than 40 academic papers, more than 10 of them were cited by SCI, EI and ISTP, and 6 works and textbooks.
Professor Hong Lei
Professor Hong is the director of engineering training center of SMU and dedicated in research on Laser Fabrication. She took charge of accomplishment of many projects of national and provincial natural science foundation. Professor Hong now is taking the charge of 5 research projects of Shanghai natural science foundation, new teacher fund of the Ministry of Education doctoral program and so on.
Professor Hu Xiong
Professor Hu is the Dean of Science Academy of SMU and engaged in teaching, scientific research and laboratory construction on equipment state monitoring forecast, equipment maintenance management system and fault diagnosis and safety evaluation.
Professor Huang Youfang
He is the President of Shanghai Maritime University and researches in the field of mechanical equipment diagnosis and control.
Professor Huang Yunqian
Professor Huang owns many research achievements, including “Bag Filter Adaptive Soot Control System”, which was a project of science and technology development fund of universities in Shanghai, and “MMI technology of marine engine-room simulation system and its realization”, which was a key research project of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and identified as the international advanced technology by SMEC and Ministry of Communications.
Professor Mi Weijian
Professor Mi’s research field is large logistics equipment diagnosis and safety operation control, Logistics Information System and ERP in logistics enterprises.
Professor Shi Weichen
    Professor Shi is engaged in the research on conservation law of new-type solid material.
Professor Shi is the Vice Dean of our College and involved in research on modeling, analysis and control of power system. His research direction covers control theory and ship control engineering, ship power system stability and control, the appliance of power electronics in power system, electric drive control system, Fault Tolerant Control and simulator realization of ship power station.
Professor Wang Bulai
    Engaged in research of motor and its control, Professor Wang was in charge of more than 10 provincial and national projects. He published more than 30 academic papers, more than 10 of them were cited by EI, and obtained more than 20 patents. He won more than 10 technology prizes, including the third prize of Shanghai Technology Invention Award and the second Prize for Progress of Science and Technology.
Professor Wang Xihuai
     Professor Wang is engaged in research on complex system modeling and control, system optimizing, system simulation and traffic control engineering, etc.
Professor Xiao Jianmei
     Professor Xiao is engaged in research on intelligent control, Rough Set Theory, logistics system optimization and ITS, etc.
Professor Xue Shilong
    Professor Xue is engaged in research on Power Electronic and Power Transmission, Control Theory and Control Engineering. His research direction is ship electrical automation, port electric drive control system, fault diagnosis and automation equipment.
Professor Xie Wei
His research direction is Power Electronic and Power Transmission, numerical analysis and optimal design of electromagnetic device, and marine electrical propulsion system.
Professor Yang Yongsheng
His research field is CAD/CAM Technology.
Professor Ye Yinzhong
His research direction is Control Theory and Control Engineering, system simulation.
Professor Zhang Jiyuan
His research field covers Mechanical Optimum Design, Mechanical mechanisms, Robot mechanisms and digital control of mechanism kinematics. Professor Zhang is an expert of Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms, Theoretical modeling and optimal design of engineering problems, strength,stiffness and stability analysis of mechanical components, and Mechanical engineering software development ,etc.
Professor Zheng Su
   Professor Zheng, person in charge or main member, participated in many key research projects, including “sensitivity analysis of discrete vibration system” of NSFC, “crane structure sloshing control research of Port large container” of science and technology development fund of universities in Shanghai, “dynamics algorithm of Industrial robot”, “technical reform of MXJ type 16 t door machine in Huaneng Nantong Power Plant”. “development of 2500 t/h grab ship unloader ”, which won the second Prize for Progress of Science and Technology of Shanghai in 2001, and “85 meters high-performance piling ship” .



Wang Xiaofeng ,Professor.
President of College of Information Engineering
Major Research Fields: Artificial intelligence and its application in traffic information and control engineering. Data mining and knowledge discovery.
Liu Guangzhong ,Professor.
Vice president of College of Information Engineering
Major Research Fields: distributed database, distributed artificial intelligence, computer network technology, grid computing, CIMS technology, logistics information technology, etc.
Feng Jiali ,Professor.
Major Research Fields: attribute theory methods of thinking and intelligence
Zhang Ming ,Professor.
Director of Information Technologe & Service Office  
Major Research Fields: multimedia information processing, distributed multimedia technology, Multimedia database, Network information security, Artificial intelligence, Shipping information technology, etc.
Zhu Daqi,Professor.
Professor committee chairman of College of Information Engineering
Major Research Fields: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Control and Path Planning, Fault diagnosis and fault-tolerant control,integration Artificial neural network with Multi-sensor information .
Xie Hong,Professor .
Major Research Fields: intelligent information processing, logistics monitoring and biological processing, etc 
Zeng Liansun,Professor.
Major Research Fields: Wireless access technology , Positioning control technology, Security monitoring technology, etc.
Yang Zhiying, Professor .
Major Research Fields: Design and analysis of algorithms syllabus, Distributed Parallel Computing and Software engineering
Zeng Weiming ,Professor.
Major Research Fields : Image Processing and Pattern Recognition, functional magnetic resonance imaging, Brain functional connectivity detection and neurocognitive ,etc.
Han Dezhi, Professor.
Major Research Fields: Massive network data information management , storage and safety technology, cloud computing and cloud storage security technology.