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     Shanghai Maritime University (SMU) is a multi-disciplinary university that encompasses such areas as engineering, management, economics, law, liberal arts, and science, with a special emphasis on shipping technology, economics and management.
      Chinese maritime education originated at Shanghai and grew out of the Shipping Section of Shanghai Industrial College founded in 1909 (towards the end of the Qing Dynasty). The Wusong Merchant University was established in 1912, it was renamed as Wusong Merchant Technical College in 1928, then it was changed into Shanghai Maritime University approved by the ministry of education in 2004. According to the university layout adjustment in Shanghai, and for better service of construction of Shanghai international shipping center, Lingang new campus inaugurated in 2008. Now campus covers an area of 1.33 million square meters, with a total construction area of 600000 square meters, 52% green area, water area of 80000 square meters. New campus and perfect functional supporting facilities will become a new platform for better service of construction of Shanghai international shipping center and of maritime.
     SMU launched its graduate education in 1979. SMU is among China’s first batch of higher education institutions authorized by the State Council Academic Degrees Committee to confer master’s degrees. In 1986 the Graduate School was founded and designated to administer and recommend candidates for master’s and PhD degrees. Since 1994, Graduate School had a separate entrance examination recruitment on-the-job graduate student autonomy; it was allowed to enroll graduate students for Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions in 1995. In 1996, SMU began to jointly cultivate master of business administration (MBA) with School of Management of Maastricht University and obtained right to recruit foreign students. It became one of the 56 nationwide MBA pilot graduate school and had right to confer master degree for on-the-job personnel of coequal educational level in 1997. In 1998, it became an organization to grant doctoral degree and it was given the authority to confer Master of Engineering. By August, 2013, the university runs 2 post-doctoral research stations, 2 first-level-discipline doctoral programs, 19 second-level-discipline doctoral programs, 13 first-level-discipline master’s degree programs, 59 second-level-discipline master’s degree programs, 6 professional master’s degree programs, and 9 engineering master;s degree programs. Professional disciplines involved in Engineering, Management, Economics, Law, and Literature, 17 first-level disciplines and related second-level disciplines.
       As a multi-disciplinary university specialized in shipping, it has the ministry of education engineering research center of container supply chain technology and of shipping simulation technology, key laboratory of shipping technology and control engineering transportation industry, and the ministry of education of science and technology novelty search workstation. School strengthens graduate students basic education and professional skill training, at the same time emphasizes that graduate students should participate in research projects. In many national, provincial (ministry) level key projects, graduate students become major participants. Graduates has done much work in research projects and programs related to building Shanghai into international shipping center, such as research of Wai Gaoqiao free trade zone economic development and management mode, research of some issues of Shanghai port development strategy ,traffic control system in transport network and so on, they also participate in marine scientific research project and ports of enterprise equipment management, renovation project, likely Marine Engine Room Simulator, Navigation Control Simulator and large diesel engine room integrated simulation system.
       SMU has growing influence on colleges and universities at home and abroad and academia, especially in the international shipping industry and has close ties with the international shipping education and scientific research institutions. School hosted a two stage for at least 3 years of shipping economic management graduate student class cooperated with the UNSCAP; Senior Business English Training Department in Pudong organized by school is located in SMU. Since 1990, SMU jointly organized more than 60 period of all kinds of special business workshops, seminars, lectures with more than 10 countries, such as Europe and Asia, Latin America and the United Nations agencies; established inter-school relations with Kobe University of Mercantile Marine, Tokyo University of Mercantile Marine, Pusan National University and so on; cooperated with University of Cambridge,State University of New York Maritime College,World Maritime University, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, etc; established close cooperative relationship with Baltic International Maritime Conference, Nippon Yusen Kaisha, Registo Italiano Navade, and Foremost Group and so on.
      In the aspect of professional degrees education, the school has obtained more professional degree authorization centers and engineering master's degree authorization sine 1996. The school has trained part-time professional degree graduates for many well-known enterprises and established university-enterprise joint educational bases, which serve as platforms for learning and practice in profession-oriented graduates education.
      SMU presently consists of 10 schools of graduate student training, including Merchant Marine College, College of Transportation and Communications, School of Economics & Management, College of Logistics Engineering, College of Information Engineering, College of Foreign Languages, College of Ocean Environmental and Engineering, College of Arts and Sciences, Law School, Scientific Research Academy, etc.
      2011, SMU got support from Shanghai 085 connotation construction engineering projects. SMU will pay attention to quality, strengthen characteristics, and upgrade the development of the discipline of the school to the international leading level through five years of efforts.