The Activity of Graduate Employment Guidance Service Month Completely Dropped the Curtain


       In order to help graduates of 2015 improve the employment skills and guide them to set correct employment consciousness and finally to promote graduates to achieve employment fully with high quality. In the early December, graduate school coordinated and organized the colleges actively to carry out the graduate employment guidance service month activity. In the early stage, the related teachers in charge had done a lot of work, making a detailed plan for the date, activity form as well as the anticipated goal of this activity. Meanwhile, a requirement for the colleges was giving full play to their advantages in the disciplines by collecting forces and planning carefully to guarantee the involvement-scale of graduates and the effect of the activity.
      This activity got a positive response of the colleges, in a more than one month of graduate employment guidance, a total of more than 50 activities had been hold, including employment kick-off, reports, lectures, seminars, debate, competition, alumni experience exchange, inter-school students exchange, career counseling, sitcoms and enterprise visiting etc. What’s more, more than 50 reports on this activity had been published and over 200 wonderful photographs had been taken.
      The practical service activity had received wide appraisals of the graduate. A series of targeted and effective employment guidance had played a positive role for the graduate to realize the employment situation, identify job target and increase employment competitiveness. At present, the signature rate of graduate rose 6.8 percent compared with the last year. In the latter work, the graduate school will continue to focus on the fresh graduate employment service work to escort them step into the society smoothly.