SMU Convened the Meeting about Graduate Enrollment of 2015

SMU convened the meeting about graduate enrollment of 2015 on January 14th, 2015 , at Room 512 of Science & Research Building, which was presided over by vice-president Jin Yongxing. Graduate school, dean and vice-dean of each institute attended the meeting.

Graduate school reported the situation about graduate enrollment of 2014 and graduate registration of 2015 at the meeting, and proposed specific plans for graduate recruitment of 2015.

Each faculty presented their opinions about graduate enrollment plan, Discipline development and enrollment reform according to their own situations and shared with graduate school.

Vice-president Jin listened to comments and suggestions and made a summary. He affirmed the success of graduate enrollment of 2014 and emphasized at the same time the hardness of graduate recruitment situation. For the graduate enrollment of 2015, he pointed out that we should make layouts in advance, constantly improve measures of enrollment service and ways of recruitment propaganda. At last, he stressed that we must obey enrollment system and discipline while attract high-quality students.