A meeting on the Education and Management of Graduate Students


           On December 17, 2014, with the aim of improving the exchanges of graduate school with each secondary graduate training unit and carrying out norm education and management, a meeting was hosted at the Science and Research Building, Room 512. The leaders and other supervisors of graduate school with the teaching secretary of each secondary graduate school, the graduate counselors attended the meeting.
      The president of graduate school Wang Guohua firstly summarized the work of education and management conducted on graduate students in the past year. The detail is as follows: with the directions of SMU and graduate school, the secondary graduate school gained a great breakthrough and innovation in terms of system reforming, personal construction, theoretical exploration. These achievements could not be separated from the teaching secretaries’ and counselors’ commitment, either the support of executive of the secondary school.
       Mao Qifeng the Vice President of graduate school provided a in-deep analysis on the evaluation of the practice bases of specialized master and the examination of their master degree thesis. In addition, she emphasized the seriousness, normalization and significance of the specialized master training. Then, the supervisors of each department of graduate school made a summary in terms of graduate student enrollment, cultivation, degree, practice base construction and employment, and communicated with the secondary school teachers against the existing problems. Finally, the president Wang made a concluding statement.
      Wang stressed that graduate student education and management is a long-term systematic project, which needs to establish a clear guiding ideology, analyze the characteristics of work objects scientifically, position localization work connotation reasonably, and give full play to the workers’ ability and personality. Also she wished the staff members adhere to the work idea “norm, guidance and service” , to explore effective managing measures, so as to channel graduate student to set up good values.
     Looking back the past year, graduate student education and management of SMU stridden forward steadily, while faced with new challenges in practice, for instance how to strength the cooperation between graduate school and secondary graduate school.
    While looking forward to the future, all the staff in graduate student education and management should around development strategy and planning of SMU to strengthen the research work, to create new working methods, and finally to improve the quality of graduate education. With the great values attached by the leadership of SMU, the support as well as the cooperation among the graduate school, secondary graduate training units and supervisors, the graduate student education and management of SMU will open up a new world by consistently emerging new ideas and making new achievements,