Symposium on MD-PHD Students’ Training Program


       In 2014, SMU launched a reform on MD-PHD Students’ enrollment. In order to help MD-PHD Students adapt to the new requirements of the training program, graduate school held a symposium on December 18. The President Wang Guohua, the Vice President Mao Qifeng of graduate school as well as the supervisors of the departments of graduate school attended the meeting, which chaired by Xu Lingfang the director of graduate enrollment office. Xu firstly introduced the specific management system and specification to the MD-PHD Students of SMU. Then, every student expressed their opinions freely and exchanged with the professors of graduate school in terms of scholarship, academic exchanges, Teaching Assistant System, paper publishing, thesis proposal representation. 
       The president Wang said “MD-PHD Students’ Training System plays an important role in improving the quality of enrollment, and the graduate school will pay close attention to the growth of MD-PHD Students, so as to encourage and help them to make high quality academic achievements.” Mao, the Vice President also gave some specific instructions to MD-PHD students based on the training requirements and answered the questions put forward by them.
        “The present symposium is a bridge between our students and the authorities of SMU, which improves our confidence to have a clearer goal in the future study .” the participates said, after the meeting.