“Shipping Technology and Management” Academic Forum held in SMU


         On November 19, 2014, “Shipping Technology and Management” Graduate Academic Forum was sponsored by the academic degrees committee of Shanghai, and hosted by the Lin Gang campus of Shanghai maritime university. The forum was held in the hall of scientific and research building. Many experts and distinguished guests from several researching institutions and universities, such as Shanghai education office, DNV GL, Shanghai ocean university, Shanghai normal university, Shanghai university of technology, attended this Forum. The opening ceremony was chaired by the Vice President the graduate school of SMU. In the beginning, the Vice President of SMU Yong-xing Jin addressed a welcoming speech which followed by an introduction of the preparation of this Forum and the production of excellent papers given by the vice President of the college of merchant Hu Qinyou. Then, Jin-long Shu the director of the Shanghai degree managing office, declared the opening of the forum.
       Graduate Academic Forum plays a vital role in the innovation program for graduate education, in addition it is an important measure to strengthen the innovation capacity of graduate training as well as to improve the quality of graduate students. SMU has successfully held Graduate Academic Forum for seven years in a row. The theme of the present one is “Shipping Technology and Management” In the support of Shanghai degree managing office, SMU gave full play to the characteristic discipline and hosted the forum actively. From June, SMU began collecting the relevant academic papers, which attracted great attention of graduate and won a positive response. 212 papers were collected from 11 units, including Dalian Maritime University, Dalian University of Technology, Harbin Engineering University, Shanghai University, Shanghai ocean University, Wuhan University, Shanghai Maritime University, Jilin University and so on. Among them, 6 first prize, 11 second prize, 17 third prize, 62 excellence awards are provided.
        The present forum consisted of a main venue and three academic Salons. The Vice President of SMU Yong-xing Jin, the Director of the Shanghai degree managing office Jin-long Shu, Mr. Ju-sheng Wu the Maritime Strategy Development Director of DNVGL, the president of merchant college of SMU Ying-jie Xiao, and Guo-he Jiang the leader of Naval and Ocean Engineering disciplines were invented. These Five experts in the shipping technology and management field have done some wonderful reports for graduate students. In the process of this forum, 22 papers were selected to exchange face to face, and other excellent papers were used for written communication.
 In a two-day academic forum, various activities were organized, including expert lectures, academic salons, expert review, interactive communication between experts and graduate students. These activities offered a platform for the graduate, specialists from different disciplines, different institutions to conduct academic exchange, and fully demonstrated the strong ability of conducting research and academic exchanges. In addition, the academic forum not only promoted the academic exchanges between related professional graduate,  broadened their academic horizon, strengthened their multidisciplinary awareness, but also inspired their enthusiasm to take in-depth study of the core shipping technology to accelerate the realization of our determination to become a powerful country in shipping.