Shanghai Maritime University Graduate Orientation Work of 2014 Was Accomplished


       On September 14, about 1500 new graduates come to SMU for further study. School leaders attach great importance to the orientation work, presidentHuang Youfang, secretary Yu Shicheng and vice-president Kong Fancun guide nspection in person and exchange with the new graduates. Wang Guohua, dean of the graduate school, gives site instruction all the way, visits students' dormitory to know students' living and accommodation and to deal with an emergency timely. All the teachers and management personnel of graduate school at the scene of the orientation guide and serve for new graduates to save the time of students and to make the new students settle down as soon as possible.

     Orientation work was accomplished in order because of the previous organization, enough preparation work and the help of staff. These new graduates will spend memorable time in the way of their life and struggle ahead fortheir dream.