Law School


      Shanghai Maritime University School of Law is featured with both academic teaching and research in Maritime Law. We have a highly qualified faculty team. SMU professors are influential experts in the fields of International Shipping and Marine Insurance. Many of our faculty members are certified lawyers and active in legal practice. SMU School of Law grants LL. M. degrees in International Law, Civil and Business Law as well as Economic Law. The characteristic academic program is Maritime Law, which was listed as the Shanghai Municipal Key Program in 2000. The program of Law was listed as the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission “Education Highland Construction” program in 2005. In 2007, the Maritime Law Research Center, which is functioning under the School of Law, became the Humanities Social Science Key Research Base of Shanghai Municipality. Being approved by the State Council Degree Committee Meeting in 2011, we are entitled to grant Level 1 master degree. 90% of our post-graduate students are on government scholarships.