Liberal Arts Science and College
      Welcome to the home page of the College of Arts and Sciences at the Shanghai Maritime University. We invite you to have an exploration of our pages and get a sense of who we are and what we do.
     Our college is located in beautiful and friendly new town of Shanghai. We take pride in the accomplishments of our faculty and students. We offer lively program covering courses for undergraduates and graduate students, seminars, workshops, social activities and individual interactions with faculty that encourage the study of arts and basic sciences on different levels. Our faculties are involved in a broad spectrum of research activities associated with university institutes such as the Institute of Applied Mathematical physics (IMP), the Institute of social science(ISS).
     The following is the brief introduction of our College.
     The College of Arts and Sciences, originated from Basic Education Section, was founded in May, 2008. The College consists of Mathematics Department, Social Science Section, Basic Education Section, Physical Education Section, Xu Bei-hong Fine Arts School, and etc. covering the disciplinary spectrum from mathematics, physics, Marxism, administrative management, fine arts to physical education.
    The College of Arts and Sciences assumes the campus public courses teaching of undergraduates, graduates and professional training students, covering mathematics, physics, ideology and politics, administrative management, physical education and fine arts. The College also provides the instruction of undergraduate major courses in mathematics, fine arts and administrative management. The academic units of the College consist of 12 instruction offices, Basic Experiments Centre (Mathematical Models Construction Lab., Physical Experiments Centre, Fine Arts and Designs Experiments Centre), Applied Mathematics and Physics Research Institute, and Social Development Research Institute. The College provides five undergraduate programs covering information and computing science, applied mathematics, administrative management, fine arts and designing and industrial designing. The college provides two graduate programs: ideology and politics education, and electromagnetism and microwave technology. Among 167 present faculty and staff, 10 are professors, 37 associate professors, 1 associate research fellow, and 2 advanced engineers.
     The Basic Education Section, the College’s predecessor, was established with the founding of the University, assuming the public basic courses instruction covering mathematics, physics, chemistry and etc. The present academic units of the College developed from the Senior Section of Basic Education including ideology and politics education, physical education and other public basic courses. The first director was Zen Zi-fen, the famous mathematics education expert and professor (Rank 2 membership). A group of influential professors succeeded as the Director.
     As a public institution, the College of Arts and Sciences, in complementing the University’s “The Twelfth Five-Year Development Planning”, commits to the advanced development of disciplinary construction, to the depth development of undergraduate and graduate programs, to the width development of intercollegiate interactions for collaborative education and research. The College aims at constituting the intellectual core of the first-rank instruction and research oriented University.